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Persona 6 reportedly coming to Xbox on day-one

The mainline Persona series has historically been tightly tied to the PlayStation platform, with all previous entries launching as PlayStation console exclusives. That said, following the release of Persona 5 in 2017, we have seen many of the prior titles come to other platforms – including the latest Persona 5 Royal and the upcoming Persona 3 remake. According to one insider the era of PlayStation exclusive Persona games is over, with the inevitable Persona 6 said to be coming day-one to Xbox.

As reported by known industry insider Shpeshal Nick, the as-of-yet-unannounced Persona 6 will come to Xbox platforms at the same time as PlayStation, saying in their latest podcast episode:

“I had heard the rumours that Persona 6–Sony was trying to lock it up apparently…not according to the DM I just got. I just got a DM that said it’s coming to Xbox day-one.”

Shpeshal Nick has been the source of many leaks and rumours over the past few years, and as such it is safe to say that this leak has some weight behind it.

As mentioned by Nick themselves, previous rumours (by another insider ‘Nate the Hate’) claimed that Persona 6 would be a PlayStation exclusive. We reported on this back in May, and so either the initial rumour was off or plans have changed since then. It is worth noting that at the time Nate did state that Persona 6 would ‘likely’ be a PS5 exclusive, meaning the deal between Sony and ATLUS seemingly ended up falling through.

Persona 5 was huge for both Sony and ATLUS, with the game putting the series on the map in a whole new way – in many cases surpassing its parent-franchise ‘Shin Megami Tensei’ in popularity.

Of course, these leaks are just that – leaks – and so we will have to wait for official confirmation from SEGA/ATLUS themselves. That said, the dream of a new Persona game releasing in a multiplatform manner is more real today than it was yesterday.

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KitGuru says: Are you excited for Persona 6? When do you think it will be announced? Do you think it’ll come to Xbox at the same time as PlayStation? Let us know down below.

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