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Nvidia introduces the RTX 5000, 4500 and 4000 ADA workstation graphics cards at Siggraph 2023

Nvidia is finally updating more of its RTX workstation graphics cards with Ada GPUs. Following the RTX 6000 ADA, Nvidia's lineup of workstation graphics cards now includes three new models: the RTX 5000 ADA, the RTX 4500 ADA, and the RTX 4000 ADA.

Starting with the RTX 5000 ADA, the new graphics cards come with an AD102 GPU with 12,800 CUDA cores. Packing 32GB of GDDR6 ECC memory running at 18Gbps across a 256-bit memory bus, the RTX 5000 has a 250W TDP and an MSRP of $4,000.

Expanding the RTX 4000 ADA series, there are two additional cards: the RTX 4000 ADA and the RTX 4500 ADA. The former is pretty much the same as the RTX 4000 ADA SFF NVIDIA had previously launched, including its $1,250 MSRP. However, the new model comes with a 130W TDP (60W more), allowing the GPU to boost up to 2.2GHz instead of 1.56GHz. In addition, the memory clock speed also increased from 16Gbps to 18Gbps, while the 160-bit memory bus remained the same. Lastly, there are changes in the cooler design, with the standard RTX 4000 ADA adopting a single-slot design.

As for the RTX 4500 ADA, it features an AD104 GPU packing 7,680 CUDA cores paired with 24GB of GDDR6 memory clocked at 18Gbps on a 192-bit memory bus, drawing about 210W of power. This card's MSRP is set at $2,250.

It's worth noting that all the new RTX ADA workstation cards feature a full PCIe Gen4 x16 interface. Another commonality is the presence of a quad DisplayPort 1.4a setup, of which the RTX 4000 uses mini-DisplayPorts while the rest use full-sized connectors.

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