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Nvidia RTX 50-series lineup will reportedly feature “GB20X” GPUs

Slowly but steadily, the curtains hanging over Nvidia's RTX 50-series are starting to lift. Recently, reports have come to light claiming that the upcoming GPU lineup will follow a “GB20x” naming structure, featuring five GPUs ranging from GB202 to GB207, but skipping GB204.

This chain of findings started when user “panzerlied” stated that Nvidia wasn't planning to design a successor to its AD104 GPU over on Chiphell. According to the leaker, Nvidia's next-gen GPU lineup will omit the X04 GPU, instead introducing an X05 GPU to fill the gap. Unfortunately, panzerlied does not go into depth regarding the ramifications of the name change for customers.

After panzerlied shared this information, VideoCardz asked one of the most trustworthy Nvidia leakers for confirmation. To that, kopite7kimi answered with a list of GPUs (codenamed Blackwell) that Nvidia will use for the RTX 50-series, which didn't include any X04 GPUs. The leaker's list of GPUs only included the following models: GB202, GB203, GB205, GB206, and GB207.

The first Nvidia x03 GPU came with the RTX 30-series in early 2022, almost 1.5 years after Ampere made its debut. Used for the RTX 3080 Ti mobile (Mobile and Max-Q), RTX 3060 Ti, and RTX A5500 (Mobile and Max-Q), it was positioned between the enthusiast-level GA102 and high-mid-range GA104. In the ADA GPU series, Nvidia launched the AD103 and AD104 GPUs as part of the primary lineup. As for the Blackwell GPU lineup, based on the latest information, the X03 part will completely replace the X04 SKU.

Nvidia's next-generation consumer architecture is planned to become available in 2025.

KitGuru says: Without a GB204, it's everyone's guess what GPU the “RTX 5070” series cards will use. Nvidia could either go for GB205, assuming it's good enough for the job, or use GB203, which would likely feature a cut in the number of active CUDA cores. Alternatively, assuming there will be an RTX 5070 Ti and an RTX 5070, another likely scenario would be using GB203 on the former and the GB205 for the latter.

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