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Lenovo’s handheld machine has Joy-Con-style controllers

The portable gaming console market is getting more competitive, with new competitors appearing on an almost weekly basis. The release of the Steam Deck last year considerably increased the appeal of these devices, showing that there's still much to innovate in the portable gaming market. This revolution, however, would not have been feasible without the latest advancements in integrated graphics.

The Lenovo Legion Go has been the subject of several rumours in the last month. The alleged final design has now been shared by WindowsReport, showcasing some of the key features of this handheld system. The renders depict a portable device with a 16:9 aspect ratio screen and an intriguing surprise—a detachable controller, similar to the Joy-Cons seen on the Nintendo Switch but with a couple of extra buttons.

Image credit: WindowsReport

The Legion Go stands out from rivals, including the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally, thanks to its slightly bigger display, measuring in at 8 inches diagonal. It also features trackpads similar to those seen on the Steam Deck and a small kickstand behind the screen to hold the console. There's a pair of USB-C ports at the top and bottom, a power button, a headphone jack, and a Micro-SD slot, according to the original report.

As for the internal hardware, it's claimed that the upcoming portable console will feature an AMD Phoenix APU, most likely something akin to what's in the ROG Ally. However, it is unclear if the system would use the Ryzen Z1 (6-core CPU, 4-CU GPU), the Z1 Extreme (8-core CPU, 12-CU GPU), or one of the Ryzen 7040U series chips.

KitGuru says: Based on what you've seen about the Lenovo Legion Go, do you think it will offer anything truly groundbreaking compared to the other handheld consoles on the market?

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