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Intel claims huge DX9/11 improvements and introduces PresentMon Beta tool

Intel Arc graphics cards have come a long way since their release. Besides reducing the prices, Intel Arc GPUs have also received numerous performance improvements when using graphic APIs such as DirectX 9 and 11. XeSS has also grown considerably, now supporting over 70 games. Despite all that has been achieved, there's still more to come, as evidenced by Intel's latest announcement,

Since the launch of Arc Graphics, Intel has released 30 graphics drivers for its Arc GPU lineup. These include Game On Drivers for 57 games, with more to come in the future. The company also claims to have increased the performance of DX9-based games by 43% on average when playing on an Arc A750 LE. DirectX 11 games have also seen considerable improvements, with an average increase of 19% in performance compared to the launch driver based on Intel's own benchmarks.

In this update, Intel also talked about a relatively unknown metric named “GPU Busy” (measured in ms). This metric can be used to indicate if your system is either CPU- or GPU-limited. To better understand this concept, Intel shared some charts comparing the frametime and GPU Busy of a system (Core i5-13400F paired with an Arc A750 LE) running Overwatch 2 at 1080p Ultra. For example, a CPU-limited scenario is when frametime is considerably higher than GPU Busy, while a balanced scenario is when frametime matches GPU Busy. With the latest drivers, Intel also improved frametimes considerably, reducing CPU bottlenecks.

These and other metrics comparisons can be found in Intel PresentMon Beta, the company's new monitoring and capture tool. This new software includes a configurable performance overlay, a telemetry tool with real-time metrics, and a capture tool. Presentmon will be open-source and have multi-vendor support, broad API support, command-line options for power users, and more.

Given that Intel PresentMon Beta is supported by all the main GPU vendors, you can install it on your system regardless of your graphics solution. If you're interested in trying this new tool, you can download it HERE.

KitGuru says: The Intel Arc Graphics ecosystem keeps getting better with time – it will be fascinating to see how the landscape lies when Battlemage is released.

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